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£10/mopre-paid annually


Ideal for smaller companies needing to get started with the NetNow service.


£80/mopre-paid annually


Scalable services that take advantage of faster performance & many professional features


£180/mopre-paid annually


This plan is suitable for large companies, scalable, isolated and highly resilient service.


Common Questions Answered : more information on subscriptions

  • Q: What are users?

    A: Users are individuals who will access the NetNow services – they need individual access to the service. A user fee is exactly like a license fee that you use with other software packages.

  • Q: How does the 14-day trial work?

    A: After you register with NetNow, you get instant access to all services for 14 days (if you’d like to change your subsciption plan, just contact us). We don’t require a credit card during the trial, so you can try NetNow obligation-free.

  • Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

    A: We currently accept payments online by credit card or our Pro and Enterprise subscription plans can be paid using an invoice. Contact us for details.

  • Q: What happens at the trial end?

    A: We will contact you before your trial expires. If you decide to upgrade you can pay by credit card inside the on-line store or contact our sales team if you wish to pay by invoice. Anything in your trial account will automatically be moved to your permanent account (no data will be lost and all of your work will remain intact).

    If you decide not to upgrade your subscription at the end of your 14-day trial, your account will expire.

  • Q: Can I change to a different subscription?

    A: Yes, you can change your plan at anytime. Visit the pricing plans page for more information.

  • Q: Have more questions before you sign up?

    A: Many offers are available, to start we provide a discounts if you choose annual billing! Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk if you have more questions you would like us to answer.