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Create actionable intelligence from all your data allows you to take control and visualize all your data now. NetNow is a new type of cloud platform that lets you create amazing social, mobile and cloud based solutions without coding. Rapidly design new solutions with our ground breaking visual builder in real-time, your app is ready to go live as you build it.

You can easily integrate with existing business systems or simply integrate other data from wherever you need to. No software or servers to manage just design whatever you imagine and instantly deploy to your users anywhere on any mobile device.

Build cloud solutions for your data with ease

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Real Time Intelligence

Information about your data as it happens creates a single source of truth from all your data sources (Twitter, Rackspace, ServiceNow, xmatters, CA, NetIQ, Nagios, AWS, Tivoli, BMC, HP, Microsoft, MySQL, ORACLE, and many more...). Your intelligence, in your hands.

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