CEOBig Data, BI & monitoring meets, cue Real Time Intelligence

While our developers are very busy right now preparing for our General Availability (GA) release, I wanted to share some insights regarding our vision for the NetNow cloud platform.

Back in the development labs work is at fever pitch marrying a massively scalable cloud data platform with an easy to use and feature rich cloud application that will realise our vision of Real Time Intelligence. Dealing with data volume and velocity is one thing but we need to monitor that data in real time and provide easy ways for our App to unlock intelligence from all the noise.

NetNow has a vision of creating a real time big data platform in the cloud capable of sophisticated event management, data enrichment, automation, notification, impact management, service modelling, change detection, change verification & predictive analysis. NetNow wants to provide a cloud platform not only for IT technicians but for non-technical users who don’t want to code solutions to deliver this type of functionality.

McKinsey & Company says “There will be a shortage of talent necessary for organizations to take advantage of big data.”

NetNow wants to solve this problem by providing an easy to use, modern and social cloud platform with powerful tools to make leveraging intelligence from big data a reality. NetNow intends to bring a sophisticated suite of data visualisation, management and monitoring features together in the cloud creating a new Real Time Intelligence layer based on top of our users existing data.

McKinsey & Company says  “Access to data is critical—companies will increasingly need to integrate information from multiple data sources, often from third parties, and the incentives have to be in place to enable this.

NetNow intends to have the most extensive library of data integrations possible, our integration team is already working on over 20 different pre-built App integration modules for the NetNow platform. These new Apps includes integrations for legacy tools from HP, Microsoft, CA, IBM, BMC & Oracle as well as cloud based solutions like Amazon, Rackspace, ServiceNow & others. We will also provide utility integrations for generic functions like TCP/IP, SMNP, Databases & Web Services. We will continue to build out our capabilities in this area moving forward and will also actively encourage the developer community to join us and help build integration plugins to other 3rd party data sources and applications.

Mark Beyer from Gartner recently said

“IT organizations should introduce a metadata management program, Beyer suggested. They should also plan on extending their existing data repository environments to the cloud and build at least one pilot analysis that combines text, social, and operational data.”


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