NetNow – Places to Visit™

NetNow – Places to Visit™

myPlace sample dashboard

myPlace sample dashboard

NetNow will offer a free public “Place” to all of its users , individual or business. Get your place now and make it your own, our powerful dashboard tools allow you to create a real-time, data driven zone filled with your information and data. And that’s not all, NetNow’s servers are intelligent allowing you to automate actions, monitor events or even predict outcomes based on your data. Wheather you want to promote your business or just share information, NetNow is the place to be!

Manage your Information, join NetNow today!

NetNow Corporate BLOG

Free software for NetNow developers, partners and consultants

NetNow offers free software to partners, developers and consultants who want to extend or enhance the NetNow platform. Consultants who want to use the NetNow technology to build solutions on top of other platforms, vendor tools or applications can also benefit from free access to our SDK & software platform. If you are interested in becoming a NetNow partner please Sign up today for further details.

Paul Bosomworth

Unit testing and line coverage

Been working on improving the line coverage in the unit tests. Using JUnit to test the code, and Cobertura to provide a report of line coverage. This is all handled by SpringSource tool suite, which makes the process a lot easier.

The aim is to increase unit testing by another 10%, as well as automating the testing in the build process, so any errors are caught before a build goes out.

NetNow Corporate BLOG

Dependency mapping “automagically”, drag node chart and the data-driven approach

Dependency Mapping is often viewed from a purely IT configuration item (CI) perspective including racks, servers and such.  We’ve been working with organisations that have been gaining great benefit from using our tool and specifically the drag node facility (shown in the graphic below) to map their key logical IT and business processes.  One example is a financial services organisation that needed to track file transfers between their data centre and several of their customers.  They wanted to see the end points, volume, status and speed of the file transfers graphically.

All well and good I hear you say, but doesn’t mapping all of these dependencies involve a massive manual overhead with staff creating these relationships using a graphical drag and drop tool?  The short answer is no, we have a way to automatically (automagically :-)) read in your configuration information and dependencies from practically any machine readable source (files, database tables, etc) and create the graphical maps with no human intervention, we call this a data-driven approach and the great thing is as your source data changes our drag node dependency map changes too, staying up to date with no manual intervention.

Examples of the drag node depicting dependencies.

Colin Rutland

HTML 5 takes the internet by storm

html5 vs flash performance

It was fascinating to see that the third most popular news story on the BBC News website this morning concerned the rapid expansion in popularity of the HTML 5 language in web design: Coding the future: HTML 5 takes the internet by storm.

Although surely only a tiny minority of the BBC’s readers will ever deal directly with the intricacies of the language itself, HTML5 promises to have a massive impact on users’ experience of browsing the web. Before the advent of HTML 5, websites that offered sophisticated graphical content (for example, films or animations) had to rely on inconvenient third-party browser plugins such as Adobe Flash or QuickTime.

Although Flash has historically been a very successful technology, it has some major limitations. It does not run in all browsers — most notably Apple products including the iPad and iPhone — and it requires the user to explicitly consent to the installation of the Flash plugin. With HTML5 there will finally be a universal method for drawing sophisticated graphics built into every standards-compliant browser.

But as the BBC article explains, the impact of HTML 5 is not purely technological; it also has strong commercial advantages:

“Put simply it means that there’s now much less chance that customers visiting a website will come across a black hole in the middle of the page, or get endless prompts to ‘download a plug-in’ which may take several minutes to install. By then it is often too late. The consumer has already clicked on a competitor’s website.”

At NetNow we have carefully tracked the progress of HTML 5 and the ever-increasing support for the language in market-leading browsers such as Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. We believe that the future of graphically-rich web applications such as NetNow lies with HTML5, as it will allow us to make our innovative visualization technology available on the widest range of application platforms from high-spec PCs to phones and tablets.

For these reasons, we designed HTML 5 into our products from day one. We hope you’ll agree that the NetNow Dashboard looks just as great on an iPhone or iPad as it does on a PC!

Grant Glading

ERP systems dashboard, aka “dashboards for black belts”

ERP – Dashboards for Black Belts

I’m excited about the opportunities opening up in the manufacturing led space of Six Sigma, for those of you that aren’t familiar with this topic Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process – from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

We are teaming up with experts in the manufacturing space to create template and demonstration dashboards that showcase process improvement and variation reduction via monitoring and thresholding of key performance and quality indicators (KPIs, KQIs).  Look out for these dashboards in our Demo Centre over the coming months.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, Six Sigma has a special infrastructure of “Champions”, “Master Black Belts”, “Black Belts”, “Green Belts”, etc. to lead and implement the Six Sigma approach, hence the blogs title “Dashboards for Black Belts”.

Grant Glading

Integrating with the software mega-vendors is not always easy!

Customers force the Issue and we all win!

Never ceases to amaze me when the software mega-vendors try to stop us integrating with their products, they make life difficult for their customers rather than risk letting a 3rd party that they perceive as competition integrate.  I am pleased to report that I have just witnessed the power of the customer, one who is fed up with these petty tactics and we have been granted SDK access to integrate with another mega-vendors tools.  Sense prevailed in the end and the daft thing is the mega-vendors solution will be safer in the customer now it can integrate with the central, manager of managers dashboard platform rather than operate in isolation.


NetNow for data center management

This week I have been visiting a prospect with a network of larger data centers who need to manage their 24×7 operations from a single command centre. This clients want a follow the sun operation.  By deploying multiple server nodes in each data center NetNow can provide a highly fault tolerant, horizontally scalable solution. We expect to see exceptional response times for the end users by directing logins to the closest geographically located NetNow server.

Sample Dashboard

Sample Dashboard

*NetNow offers an on premise version for data center management clients who want to manage large data center’s from inside their own networks.

Matthew Sweeney

New data integration software released

I have just finished final testing of our data integration software for Business Enterprise Server(BES). The integration is capable of supporting multiple NetNow server instances enabling a single BES server to feed multiple NetNow Servers simultaneously.

We needed to have a highly fault tolerant interface to the BES systems as many BES clients use their products to manage data centre operations. This new integration works with NetNow server version 1.7 and above.

Grant Glading

Coming soon, a series of short video clips introducing the NetNow service

I’m pleased to report that the marketing team here at NetNow are working hard to bring you a series of short video clips featuring our R&D team running through the key elements of the NetNow solution and how to configure and exploit its functionality. These short overview and how-to videos will appeal to people wanting to learn more about the NetNow service and how it can be configured to meet your own individual or organisational needs. Ranging from the basics to advanced level applications and ideas, we’ll get the first of these videos posted in mid-May.