Jonathan Miles

Build Service Models Automatically with Subscription Rules

Is your Configuration Management System (CMS) up to date? 

Keeping configuration management systems up to date can be a high maintenance, high cost activity.  The constant maintenance required to keep up with today’s ever changing IT environments is the reason for most CMDB projects failing or being cancelled.

That’s why at NetNow we have been busy developing a subscription based model which allows relationships to be built and updated automatically as your system data changes.  It’s a low to no maintenance approach, keeping your CMS up to date with the true state of your enterprise and allowing you to concentrate your effort and resources on productive activities and key decision making.

As an illustration, take the following example.  A very simple rule defined to capture all Servers with an OSType of UNIX, will automatically create and maintain relationships for all UNIX servers.  Subscription rules can be defined to query any class of configuration data, based on available attribute data.  The power of these rules is limited only by the quality of your data.

Build automatic service models with subscription rules

Now take this relatively simple rule based concept, allow packages to be built which encapsulate key logic and have these packages dynamically assigned when new services come online and you have self-building, self-maintaining service models.  While admittedly some effort is required upfront to define your required logic, once defined the NetNow server will handle the maintenance burden to ensure your service models are kept up to date.


Jonathan Miles

Search your IT Service Configuration Data as easy as the Web

Have you ever felt daunted by the ever increasing volume of IT service configuration data?

Often just finding a configuration item you already know exists can become a time consuming or cumbersome task.  You may need intimate knowledge of an enterprise specific service infrastructure topology, naming conventions or require expert knowledge of bespoke management tools in order to quickly find what you’re looking for.  I’ve seen it first hand; even domain experts find it difficult sometimes to navigate the masses of services that make up their global operations.

That’s why here a NetNow, when we started development on our new configuration management plugin we insisted on thinking outside the box.  Instantly that meant tree views and other means of manual navigation went out of the window.  We thought long and hard about how we could do it better, how we could provide a simpler more intuitive approach.  Then suddenly it clicked, people should be able to search their IT configuration database as easily as they search the web.  After all, the web is the worlds’ largest configuration repository.

With this idea in mind, we developed the first incarnation of our ‘Google style’ search.  No more complicated search procedures, the user can simply start typing the name or partial name of the configuration item they’re looking for and possible results will appear instantly.

Google style search

As we continue to develop and refine the NetNow platform, we intend to expand these search capabilities to encompass the entire system and everything in it.