Enterprise class security for cloud computing

NetNow’s upmost concern is the security of your data and the provision of your service. From day one we have built our platform from the ground up to ensure that we provide you the most secure and reliable service possible. You can trust NetNow, safe in the knowledge that you are working with a platform that has been designed to protect your data.

Integration Layer

All data transmissions to and from NetNow are encrypted at 256-bit through SSL and sent over HTTPS. All data gets replicated in real time to our secondary data centre for disaster recovery. Integrations can be managed centrally at any time from the security console allowing a fine grained level of access control to NetNow.

Physical Layer

Our primary data centre is ISO 27001 accredited. The servers are hosted in secure facilities, operated by Rackspace, with restricted access and 24/7 monitoring.

Network Layer

Servers are hosted behind sophisticated firewalls, managed directly by our security engineers. Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) monitor our hosts to block and report suspicious patterns of activity. We publish independant security reports commissioned by third party security testers.

Application Layer

Fully configurable controls for roles & responsibilities to control what users can see and do. Multi factor authentication is used with one time passwords to provide an additional layer of security over and above static password authentication. Your data is isolated from other users and for enterprise customers it is physically separated and stored on your own unique disks.

Redundancy Layer

NetNow offers highly scalable, fault tolerant, fully redundant and enterprise grade infrastructures. Application level replication is planned in the Q3 2013 release, which will allow enterprise customers to host in multiple different hosting providers for ultimate solution resilience.

Privacy policy

Please refer to the full privacy policy outlining the protection surrounding our customer data.