CEODevelop applications in the cloud

New enterprise projects can often get off to a slow start while project managers have to wait for testing and development resources to be put in place. SaaS offers a great way for the enterprises to bypass this headache. Many managers have projects they run that need solutions to be developed / piloted quickly and don’t have time to wait for harware to be pocured or systems to be built. SaaS is the perfect place to do this type of work and develop or test out your ideas and prototypes without the cost of designing/purchasing/deploying internal systems to facilitate the work. Assuming your company does not want to run the production application in a cloud environment¬†the solutions built in the SaaS environment can be later moved in house to secure production ready systems. ¬†This ability to cheaply leverage a SaaS environment when deploying new solutions in development and testing environments can present huge project cost saving opportunities to enterprise businesses.

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