CEOReal Time Intelligence – General Availability of the Service

Real Time Intelligence Update

With around 20 sites currently beta testing the product we have been learning lots and thank all our beta users for their invaluable feedback. We are currently working on making sure we have the right hosting infrastructure in place ready for moving the NetNow service to general availability, currently we are planning for an October 2012 announcement.

So what can you expect one we go GA? Well the NetNow service will be accepting users directly, all you need to do is make sure you have Signed up to the site and as soon as you login to the NetNow service your Free Trial will automatically start. You can undertake your trial without obligation and there won’t be any sales people pestering you! We are here to help and waiting to answer any questions you may have during your trial. Our consultants will be available to give you any assistance you may require should you ask for it.

We have many exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks and months including more details on how to make the most of your trial along with many fantastic offers for our users! Stay tuned in to NetNow.

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