CEONetNow General Availability (GA) of platform planned for Q2 2013

General Availability (GA) date announced for the NetNow platform.

After two years of prototyping and a further eighteen months of intensive development on the first release of the NetNow platform our development teams deserve a big round of applause! We expect to be releasing new iterations of the NetNow platform on a quarterly basis and at this time we are planning for the first GA release in Q2 2013.

Beta testing has been teaching us a lot and we have made massive strides in improving the platform thanks to our beta participants. We have made huge gains in the area of performance from the early Alpha release with throughput of the platform now running at hundreds of messages a second on a small single sandbox server.

We have introduced a JMS based message broker into the architecture to improve scalability and modularity of the platform, especially useful features in here for our plugin developers of the future!

We have been playing with different caching architectures and database types to support the different requirements of the application. We expect to run the platform on multiple databases including NoSQL and RDBMS flavours depending on the needs of the App. In our testing we certainly confirmed the need for a stateless modular application to enable horizontal scalability and NoSQL seems a must for supporting enormous data volumes. It is also true to say there is also a requirement to have traditional RDBMS functionality in places. We overcome this by splitting the application into a modular architecture and connecting everything with the message broker.

Security, resilience, scalability and usability are all as important as each other so it’s no good having a super-fast platform that is horrible and complex to configure. Or how about a very secure and friendly platform that won’t scale up. Our development teams have been working to make sure we deliver a new kind of platform that delivers in all these areas, one which we are certainly proud of.

I hope our growing community of users become proud of NetNow too and enjoy using what we are sure will be a great solution development platform for the cloud.

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  1. Just in case there is any confusion there will be a noSQL and a RDBMS database running concurrently with the application exploiting either or both dependant on its needs.

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