CEOIntelligent cloud management comes built in to NetNow

Intelligent cloud management

NetNow will have intelligent cloud management services built in so our customers don’t need to worry about managing their NetNow cloud service.

Multiple hosting providers

We host in multiple providers to spread the risk of any outage in a single hosting provider impacting the service we provide to our customers. Our application has been specifically designed and built from the ground up to run across multiple data-centres and multiple providers ensuring maximum resilience.

Auto Scaling

NetNow has sophisticated in-built monitoring inside the application. Monitoring agents watch the internal message queues constantly looking for bottlenecks in processing and automatically scale up and down appropriate worker nodes on demand. This means if you get a flood of messages or a surge of user connections the application detects this and starts new worker nodes to deal with the increased load.

Auto Recovery

NetNow has a distributed architecture and each node in the architecture is independant of the others. If any single nodes fails others are waiting to pick up its workload and replacement nodes are added and removed dynamically. By spreading workers nodes out across multiple data centres and hosting providers our application is fault tolerant and your data is replicated in real-time.

Monitoring & Performance data

NetNow will automatically produce monitoring, management and performance data which can be sent directly to your own systems. This enables our customers to externally monitor the service we provide to them and this is achieved automatically and without additional costs. Monitoring data can be sent out via SNMP, RSS or WEB Services.

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