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Delivering Sales, Customer Account Management and Marketing support to NetNow and Interlink Software. With more than 20 years experience in systems management at Bank of America, MAXM Systems, Boole & Babbage, and BMC Software, working with the team at NetNow ups the ante. NetNow brings integration, development and visualisation capabilities to individuals and SMBs that were the preserve of the large corporations until the advent of the cloud. NetNow is a game changer.

Grant GladingMoney Saving Applications at NetNow: Power Monitoring Software

We’re really excited about one of the initial NetNow applications;¬†Power Monitoring and Management. This is a unique and innovative, comprehensive power management system, measuring server and application-level power consumption in continuous time without the requirement of any additional hardware. It operates in any common operating system, installs in hours, and delivers energy savings of up to 40%.

Sample power monitoring dashboard:

Sample Dashboard Image

Live Preview

  • Measures server down to application power consumption
  • No additional hardware required
  • Real-time, historical and predictive data

Case studies show up to 40% energy savings in data centre environments

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