JMS based message broker implemented

Work has started on the implementation of a Message Broker which will form the main communications bus for everything NetNow. The JMS based architecture offers scalability, redundancy and guaranteed delivery ensuring the relevant information reaches the right recipients and is … Continue reading

Beta registration now opens

2012 Beta registration Netnow has announced open enrollment for its Beta NetNow LIVE Service is now open for beta enrollment. Enrollment is limited meaning first come, first serve… so head over and fill out the form. Of course this is … Continue reading

NetNow progressing well through alpha and beta delivery

There is a lot of excitement in and around R&D as we begin to plan and allocate some final pieces of the Jigsaw that will enable the first BETA delivery of NetNow. Roles and Responsibilities are being fine tuned, licensing … Continue reading

Pricing plans

NetNow has released details of its initial pricing and subscription plans. We are also requesting users to register for our beta program.

Real-Time Intelligence FREE TRIAL

NetNow offers a full feature Free Trial of it’s Real-Time Intelligence Service to business and individuals Be sure to keep tuned in to NetNow as we plan to offer a free for life social version of our service in future.

Get your cloud data place

What is cloud data? Send any data up and start building your dashboards & reports to monitor, analyse, automate and notify you on just about anything you like. You can even find patterns and trends in your cloud data and … Continue reading

Individual to Enterprise – check our saas pricing

SaaS pricing details NetNow offers a range of flexible service plans to suit all types of use. Starting with  a Free Trial user account and continuing all the way up to a multiple node, highly fault tolerant, hot-hot, multi cloud provider … Continue reading