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An example power monitoring ASI dashboard
Realise significant energy-saving gains with minimal effort

Would you like to accurately monitor your data centre power usage, reliably  manage and efficiently provision its operation and real estate, and  make substantial energy savings?

It really is possible to economically reduce power, increase efficiency and be Green!

In many cases server racks are under utilised and could safely support more machines. Forgotten virtual images needless consume power. In many cases applications can save power by doing things more efficiently. Our solution will identify ways you can save power and report the recommendations directly to you. Bigger savings can be realised by delaying or avoiding costly data centre upgrades or migrations.

Monitor power consumption with our software-only monitoring agent

With this solution you can implement a comprehensive, cost effective green, energy-saving strategy  for your organisation which incorporates all stake-holders, delivering the following benefits:

  • Measures server down to application power consumption
  • Supports virtual machines
  • No additional hardware required
  • Real-time, historical and predictive data
  • Case studies show up to 40% energy savings in data centre environments

For a greener and more economical data centre

Power monitoring software for a greener and more economical data centre.  By linking to data from our 3rd party power monitoring agent you can measure power consumption from server level down to the individual applications, even virtual machines are supported. No additional hardware is required and real-time, historical and predictive data is produced for display and analysis. Case studies show up to 40% energy savings as a result of deploying the power monitoring agent in data centre environments.