Subscription Plans

Our plans explained


Free Trial

Individual Network
Full feature pack
No storage
Communtiy Support

Start Free Trial


Entry Network
Entry feature pack
1GB Data per day
Entry Support



Pro Network
Pro feature pack
3GB Data per day
Pro Support



Dedicated Server
Full feature pack
12Gb+ per Day
Scalable Nodes
Load Balancing
Enterprise Support


Data Plan

In memory only

7 day history

Data Store 100GB - Pay per additional 5GB

Data Store 1TB - Pay per additional 1TB

Get Started

Instant Access

Instant Access

Instant Access

Setup Time Needed

Server Plan

The basic subscription plan is a is made available to all users who want to try the NetNow service for FREE

The plan provides for increased usage of the NetNow services, unlocks extra features and allows for multiple users.

you can scale your service as your demand increases and take advantage of faster performance & many advanced features.


Individual User only

Up to 3 users in the Network

Scalable Nodes

Load Balancing

Unlimited User Network

isolated DB server

Geographical & WAN Support

Unlimited User Network

Multiple hosting providers

Multiple isolated Databases


Available on Request

multiple server nodes in a hot/hot replicated cluster, fully fault tolerant, Wide area network support (WAN), data replicated in real-time to all the server nodes in your private cloud.


Provides you with your own sub domain inside the NetNow service where you can publish content

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