CEOReal time Intelligence – hosting infrastructure

Update on Real time intelligence at NetNow

We have been working hard on making sure we have the right hosting infrastructure in place and after a comprehensive review of this area NetNow has selected RackSpace as its provider of choice for hosting Real time Intelligence.

Rackspace is regarded by Gartner as one of the few leaders among hosted cloud infrastructure providers. Rackspace provides the world-class infrastructure which allows us to offer a guarantee uptime of 99.9% +. More about Rackspace.

NetNow also plans to offer a multi-hosting provider solution for ultimate resilience to our enterprise customers. We are building resilience into the Application as well as the infrastructure meaning we can host our App instances in multiple different hosting providers and have them replicate between those providers.

NetNow is looking to make an announcement regarding a General Availability date later in October this year.

About NetNow

NetNow is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-demand cloud-based service, meaning there is no software installation or maintenance required and new features are automatically added without the need for expensive and lengthy upgrades. Data is accessed live, meaning there is no need to upload data into the cloud.

Connect to any data source

NetNow creates a single version of the truth through connection to multiple and diverse (on-premise and online) data sources from a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based interface.

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