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R&D Manager and Executive Software Developer with 23+ years of experience in the field of IT. Broad experience of Mainframe and Unix based OS's and software. Extensive experience in systems architecture and solutions. Currently Managing application development from design to implementation of the NetNow Service

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Impact Calculation Engine nears completion

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Work is now entering the final stages of the Service Impact Management tool for NetNow. Our Impact Calculation Engine (ICE) is expected to be released later in August.

ICE is an autonomous engine developed in Java that calculates the impacts of technology alerts to service models using a number of algorithms.

More about the Impact Calculation Engine

ICE is totally configurable and scalable with any number of engines able to run concurrently on multiple servers giving horizontal scalability. Each ICE engine possesses the ability to manage one or more complete service models or even smaller parts of individual service models. The ICE engine component will be delivering service impact management to NetNow users.


Meanwhile development of the user interface for building service models is also well under way. NetNow users can use the modelling tools to create the service models that will drive the ICE engine. NetNow users can look forward to full service management capabilities very soon.

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