BIG data analysis tools in the cloud – Join the Beta program

If you would like to try our cloud based BIG data analysis tools and become a participant in our currently active beta program please fill out your details in the form below and we will get back to you right away.

NetNow LIVE Service is now open for beta enrollment. Enrollment is limited meaning first come, first serve…

You will receive a beta invite containing the start date of your beta program access. Beta users will get full access to the NetNow service and promotions and incentives will be made available to participants in our Beta program who would like to continue to use the GA version of the NetNow service.

To join our Beta program please fill out the form below.

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Many thanks for your interest in the NetNow service.

About NetNow

NetNow is a powerful tool you can leverage to rapidly create new solutions. You can extend or improve an existing application by layering the NetNow service on top of it. You can quickly provide your users with new and exciting interface elements. For developers, NetNow App development offers new revenue opportunities. Developers can create extensions that enhance the NetNow platform making it a better for all our users. Partners or solutions providers can create entirely new systems rapidly, that deploy easily anywhere.

Customers, Solutions providers & Partners of NetNow can  :

  • Build interafces ontop of existing applications
  • SaaS enable existing internal or propriety systems
  • Create Intelligence Real-Time reporting solutions
  • Design beautiful new interfaces & reports for legacy systems
  • Rapidly deploy new monitoring solutions

App Developers may want to earn revenue extending NetNow :

  • Create NetNow dashboard widgets
  • Develop NetNow themes
  • Build NetNow server plug-ins
  • Build NetNow integrations
  • Build entirely new solutions or Applications based on the NetNow service


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