Beta registration now opens

2012 Beta registration

Netnow has announced open enrollment for its Beta

NetNow LIVE Service is now open for beta enrollment. Enrollment is limited meaning first come, first serve… so head over and fill out the form. Of course this is a beta, so know the risks ahead. The new features provided in this initial GA candidate for this preview include:

  • A set of example dashboards has been provided
  • Inclusion of PowerCharts
  • Branding of Login screen
  • Support for Services and Service Models
  • Support for LINUX
  • Support for AIX
  • Support for DB2
  • Support for Solaris
  • Support for Sybase
  • SSL for integration Communications
  • Dashboard Global Variables – providing cross widgets communications.
  • Charts & widgets are available using HTML 5 by default, Flash support also available.
  • Supports Dashboard Templates for widget data formatting


Recent Improvements

Some of the improvements over the early BETA Versions include :

  • Improved initialization performance
  • Lower memory consumption
  • 600% Alert throughput improvement over BETA Version 1.6
  • Majority of charts now render HTML5 where flash is unsupported. i.e iPad
  • Alerts retention service configuration from administration interface
  • Access to SSL certificate path, allowed hosts from administration interface
  • Multiple integration support. Permits feeding of multiple NetNow Servers for Resiliency
  • Improved interface for Custom User Field Classes
  • Implementation of URI Date Functions
  • HTTP Authentication for WebService Access
  • Ability to specify a DB Schema in the DB Connection Settings
  • Improved Login interface
  • Improved memory management
  • Improved URI Validation Checks
  • Improved Dashboard Template Validation
  • Sorting for user defined fields
  • Full details for column filtered user defined fields
  • Alert Message now directly available to AID


About NetNow

NetNow is a powerful tool you can leverage to rapidly create new solutions. You can extend or improve an existing application by layering the NetNow service on top of it. You can quickly provide your users with new and exciting interface elements. For developers, NetNow App development offers new revenue opportunities. Developers can create extensions that enhance the NetNow platform making it a better for all our users. Partners or solutions providers can create entirely new systems rapidly, that deploy easily anywhere.

Customers, Solutions providers & Partners of NetNow can  :

  • Build interfaces ontop of existing applications
  • SaaS enable existing internal or propriety systems
  • Create Intelligence Real-Time reporting solutions
  • Design beautiful new interfaces & reports for legacy systems
  • Rapidly deploy new monitoring solutions

App Developers may want to earn revenue extending NetNow :

  • Create NetNow dashboard widgets
  • Develop NetNow themes
  • Build NetNow server plug-ins
  • Build NetNow integrations
  • Build entirely new solutions or Applications based on the NetNow service



NetNow progressing well through alpha and beta delivery

There is a lot of excitement in and around R&D as we begin to plan and allocate some final pieces of the Jigsaw that will enable the first BETA delivery of NetNow. Roles and Responsibilities are being fine tuned, licensing attributes configured and a few other minor tasks are working their merry way through the agile development machine. On going extensive application testing, coupled with code reviews and code test coverage are all catalysts for the delivery of a robust industry strength application.