NetNow Apps – data integration software

How to integrate your data with NetNow?

NetNow Apps
We are just about to release the first collection of our new NetNow Apps for data integration. Our promise here at NetNow is to make managing your data a pleasure not a chore.

A key part of this process is making it easy for you to hook up to your data to the NetNow service. Our data integration software is designed to make this process as simply as possible.

To integrate your data you just need to download or activate the NetNow App for the platform, application or data source you want to integrate, configure it’s connection settings and away you go!

About data integration

Depending on the source of the data the integration App may be able to connect to it directly using a web service API for example. Other data sources or applications may require a component to be downloaded as placed near the data source. In these cases we use a highly secure connection back to the NetNow service and all data is encrypted at the source end as it would be better to first encrypt the content before storing into the Cloud (and automatically decrypt it upon retrieval).

In addition, NetNow data integration Apps will provide useful secondary functions such as compression and support for splitting/merging files that may be larger than a given threshold. Strong security algorithms and providers are be used, and this tool supports a variety of encryption key types.


We are about to release three new NetNow data integration Apps and 50+ to follow. v1.0 – Initial release.

  • nnApp for files
  • nnApp for mySQL
  • nnApp for Amazon CloudWatch


The cryptographic operations performed by these tools are enabled by OpenSSL. By default, OpenSSL is used as it enables the greatest level of portability. Configuration via the NetNow service is provided using a simple, easy to use interface.