Grant Glading

NetNow’s SaaS business model has legs in the risk averse financial services sector after all

I must admit I was more than a little taken aback following two meetings in quick succession with senior IT managers at major financial services organisations, both meetings went along the lines of “based on previous conversations with you and your team I’m aware that SaaS is not seen as a strategic model for your organisation as you prefer to have complete control over the IT environment for data protection and security reasons…”, on both occasions it turned out that these companies have identified cost saving and time-to-market benefits associated with the uptake of SaaS offerings in the test and development areas.  As long as no sensitive information is propagated to the hosted SaaS environments it seems that SaaS could be the way for these organisations to quickly commission test, development and even certain standby environments quickly and cost effectively moving forwards.  I’m pleased to report NetNow is increasingly being seen as applicable to individual private users all the way up to global corporations and everything in between.  This really has the feeling of something remarkable happening in corporate IT with regards to SaaS and PaaS uptake.


NetNow progressing well through alpha and beta delivery

There is a lot of excitement in and around R&D as we begin to plan and allocate some final pieces of the Jigsaw that will enable the first BETA delivery of NetNow. Roles and Responsibilities are being fine tuned, licensing attributes configured and a few other minor tasks are working their merry way through the agile development machine. On going extensive application testing, coupled with code reviews and code test coverage are all catalysts for the delivery of a robust industry strength application.

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Free software for NetNow developers, partners and consultants

NetNow offers free software to partners, developers and consultants who want to extend or enhance the NetNow platform. Consultants who want to use the NetNow technology to build solutions on top of other platforms, vendor tools or applications can also benefit from free access to our SDK & software platform. If you are interested in becoming a NetNow partner please Sign up today for further details.