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Adam SmithUsing the radio button widget – Part 2

Widget Tutorial


Estimated Completion Time: 10 Mins

Version 1.8+

Using the Radio Button to drive other widgets - Part 1

In part 2 of this tutorial we will show you how to use the radio buttons to dynamically change which web page is displayed to the user. So let’s get started. You will first need to Login to the dashboard builder to start the tutorial and load up your dashboard from part one of the tutorial.

Step 1 – Add a Web Page widget to your dashboard

Start by editing the dashboard you created in Step 1 of this tutorial as we will now build on this first tutorial by connecting a second widget to our radio buttons. Add a Web Page widget to the dashboard using the new widget button in the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard builder. From inside the Web Page widget locate and press the spanner icon shown below:

We are going to update the properties of the web page widget so that when a radio button is clicked by the user this widget will obtain the selected option and automatically use the value as input for the website to display. Once inside the widget properties panel you will need to change the following properties:


  • Overwrite the “Chart Data Source” to “”.

This setting tells the web page widget to display the BBC website by default

  • Set the “Selection Source” to “widget1“.

This setting tells the web page widget to accept input from widget1

  • Set the “URL Converter” to “replaceURL“.

This setting tells the web page widget to use the input from widget1 to replace the default website to display.


Then click “Update” at the bottom of the properties panel. You have now created a dashboard which changes a Dynamic Text Box and a Web Page widget using values stored in a Radio Button!. Please view you dashboard to see how it works. You are now finished Part 2 of the radio button widget tutorial!

TIP: Radio button can be used to drive many different widgets in the dashboard.

For extra information, guidance and troubleshooting consult:


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