CEOWhat is Real Time Intelligence ?

Real-time Intelligence (RTI) is the process of delivering information about your data as it happens. The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. In this context, real-time means a range from milliseconds to a few seconds after the event has occurred. While traditional business intelligence presents historical data for manual analysis, real-time intelligence compares current data with historical patterns to detect problems or opportunities automatically.

  • Business transactions can be fed to the NetNow service as they occur to maintain the current state of the enterprise.
  • Real-time intelligence not only supports the ability to derive information and knowledge from past enterprise activity, but it also provides real-time tactical support.
  • Drive enterprise actions and react immediately to events as they occur.
  • Automated analysis capability enables corrective actions to be initiated and/or business rules to be adjusted to optimize business processes.

NetNow creates a “single source of truth” from all your data sources and gives you the power to easily create new ways to see your data, just the way you need to. Knowledge is Power and NetNow brings intel to your fingertips.
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