NetNow for Top Management

The Big Picture

The Situation

You need to understand the bigger picture around your business or departmental performance. Important decisions need to be made, and the data you need to do this is currently widely distributed in silos across as well as outwith your organization. You need to derive actionable intelligence from that data and you need it fast.

The Solution

NetNow lets you monitor your business at a glance. The powerful dashboard of NetNow allows you to ask complex and insightful questions of your distributed data without the need for technical skills or programming knowledge. NetNow lets you create intelligence around the way you think, not the way your computer does. With NetNow, you are in control.

NetNow for personal use

Don’t drown in your stream. Take control.

The Situation

Keeping in control of your messages was difficult enough when it was just your one email account. Now everyone has multiple email accounts, combined with social media feeds, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – and the list just keeps on growing! Added to this, the lines between work and home life are blurring, meaning it is becoming more and more difficult to segregate and manage your data stream. Staying connected may be easy with today’s levels of mobility, but staying aware of critical information is becoming impossible with all the noise.

The Solution

NetNow is the answer.  NetNow uses smart filters to organize your communication stream around your life. By consolidating, filtering and intelligently grouping your email and social media streams, NetNow leverages the cloud to deliver organized information to the web-based device of your choice. Now you can view your consolidated communications streams in a way that suits you.

NetNow for Systems and Service Management

Mine your own business

The Situation

You need to be able to visualize the state of the IT enterprise, however multiple data sources are making it impossible for you to monitor your business and retrieve the intelligence you actually need.

The Solution

NetNow supports the bringing together of all your data in a single hosted environment, providing a flexible business intelligence platforms for real-time reporting on your systems and service management operations. NetNow provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard creation function, which allows you to interrogate your combined data in any combination. Gather all the IT service and systems operations data you need into one place and monitor this vital part of your business at a glance.

NetNow for Marketing

Implement Brand Intelligence Now

The Situation

Social Media is creating a paradigm shift for Marketing data. Your brand is no longer in your control, and managing and analyzing brand references and mentions across multiple social media streams is becoming an almost impossible task. Added to this, Marketing is expected to identify strong opportunities for business development, all whilst creating the right positioning and value proposition to meet a demanding and every-changing market.

The Solution

NetNow provides brand intelligence to ensure Marketing success. NetNow allows marketeers to easily analyze their business information, including monitoring brand mentions references across a wide social media presence, including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and more. NetNow also allows marketeers to build strategies based on intelligence, conceptualize and execute marketing campaigns, and measure outcomes.

NetNow for Sales

Incentivize your Intelligence

The Situation

The Sales function is ultimately driven by targets and incentives. Providing your sales force with the right information at the right time is not easy – but doing so can help energize and motivate salespeople to better their targets and generate higher revenues. Accessing a new level of sales intelligence can also improve your decision making, driving sales efficiency through effective utilization of your sales force.

The Solution

NetNow can provide this new level of intelligence for your Sales function. NetNow allows you to enhance and add significant value to existing CRM reporting capabilities by allowing you to create bespoke dashboards to analyze data. Data can be accessed from CRM applications such as Salesforce, and combined with you own custom, on-premise data sources and spreadsheets. Intelligent dashboards can also be provided to the Sales force via a web-based interface.

NetNow for Finance

Smarter Finances – Now

The Situation

Finance is core to your business. It measures business health with respect to organizational performance, areas of concerns, directions and opportunities. The ability to consolidate results across multiple data sources, analyze and report what has happened, and conceptualize on what will happen is vital to the Finance function.

The Solution

NetNow with its on-demand business intelligence and dashboard capabilities can easily address the needs of the Finance department. Consolidate disparate financial data into NetNow then easily analyze the business information and derive the necessary reports for analysis and decision making.

Connect to any source

NetNow creates a single version of the truth through connection to multiple and diverse data sources (on-premise and online) from a single, cloud-based interface. NetNow reads data live and does not require you to host your data in the cloud, meaning you can access your data anytime and anywhere. Visit the Integration Directory for more details.

Popular NetNow Connectors include


If you use Saleforce as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it currently allows you to create sales reports within your web account. NetNow allows you to go further: to mix and match Salesforce data with other sources, creating rich data visualizations in a customized dashboard.


NetNow offers a dashboard extension for ServiceNow, allowing you to further interrogate your service management data in a way that suits you. Mix and match ServiceNow data with your other data sources to the get the information you need, when you need it.

Cloud-based (online) sources

NetNow offers connectors to a number of cloud-based (online) sources including, but not limited to Amazon, Google, Rackspace and many more. Contact us for an up-to-date list of available cloud-based connectors.


Custom and Contributed Data Collectors

Are you already collecting data? Then all you need to do is leverage our well-documented SDK to build your own NetNow plug-in. We are also working with our user community to build data plug-ins to other known data sources. Please visit our Apps section for further details.